Hillsboro students visit Southern State to learn about Engineering Program

Nearly 100 students from Hillsboro City Schools visited Southern State’s Central Campus on January 26 to tour the engineering labs and classroom space, meet the professors, and more. 

The event was coordinated by Southern State’s Associate Professor of Engineering Jim Barnett, Southern State Instructor Brian Birkhimer, and Hillsboro High School Math Teacher Matt Garman.

“I would first like to thank Southern State for their hospitality and hard work organizing an amazing experience for our kids,” Garman said. “Southern State has some incredible things going on in the engineering department that our community needs to know more about.”

Garman also commended Southern State for the invitation to host the students. “Southern State’s staff, from the president to program coordinators, did a wonderful job showing our students the opportunities that are available to them there,” he said. “From associate degree options in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Design to a bachelor’s degree in engineering through a unique partnership with Miami University, students never have to leave our hometown college campus!” 

“I hope that we will be able to continue to grow the relationship between Hillsboro High School and Southern State in the years to come by creating an engineering partnership between our two institutions,” Garman said. Hillsboro intends to offer engineering courses at the high school as part of Southern State’s College Credit Plus program in the fall. Interested students should contact Mr. Garman to participate.

While visiting Southern State, students received an overview of engineering and the available program options. The College Credit Plus Program, where students can earn college credits while still in high school, was presented as well as transfer pathways available to Miami University and Franklin University, of which students remain at Southern State.

Students then toured the labs and classroom space as well as participated in and learned about electronics, computer-aided design (CAD), and material testing.  

Jim Barnett of Southern State also added that “we were happy to host these students on our campus. Southern State’s Engineering Program offers many opportunities to those interested in the field.”

An engineering degree can provide access to almost any career. From designing and analyzing data to operating different equipment, engineering is a growing field in today’s technology-centered world. With an engineering background, students can stand out in the job market.

Ready to get started on your engineering pathway?

Visit us online at www.sscc.edu/academics/programs/engineering.shtml, email Jim Barnett at jbarnett@sscc.edu, or call (937) 393-3431 today.


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